Well hi!


So you have probably already gathered that this is a blog about dating, specifically dating in the 21st century and how it changes like the weather! And it occurred to me the other night that this can lead to lots of confusion and a common pattern of mistakes that we’re all prone to make! I mean can anyone actually keep up with how you’re supposed to meet the one these days? Do you fish in cafes, clubs and bars? Do you hope a friend knows that guy or girl who happens to be your missing piece? Or do you use dating websites? After all it is the fastest growing platform for meeting new people that’s out there! And then once you’ve met them, how do you make sure you keep them? Bare your soul on day one? No. Try and be who you think they want to be? No.

I’m not writing this pretending to know everything, because I really don’t. But before I met my boyfriend I made numerous mistakes and had plenty of disasters! And even if you’re a dating God, you’ll know a horror story about that friend who had that date when that thing happened. And I want to know about it! Have you learnt by your mistakes or are you stuck on that slippery slope? Like I said I don’t have all the answers but I will try to use my own experience and those stories to offer some lighthearted advice!

I hope you enjoy my blog.